Wang Lei

王磊 | 创始人


现居北京的吉林人王磊,借助自已不可思议的天赋和技巧,在职业运动生涯 中赢得了相当多的认可,并始终保持着相当高的运动水准。他成为了中国最有影响力的单板滑雪选手,也是中国公认的单板滑雪第一人。

他凭着自己在极限运动中的经验、天赋、人脉和热情,一直致力于单板 滑雪在中国的推广和壮大。对于不断涌现的滑雪选手来说,王磊是开拓者,也是导师,他持续与大家分享多年滑雪经验和传递对单板滑雪的热 情,并认为这是他义不容辞的职责所在。

同时,王磊在媒体中的知名度也为单板滑雪在各种知名媒体里频频曝光起到了推动的作用。言及他职业生涯的下一步,运动方面的发展和专业的 转型都说明了,这是一个进行中的成功故事。

王磊一直在积极地与雪场度假村寻求合作,希望能为更多刚刚接触滑雪的新 手们提供更好的体验。

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In 2008, Wang Lei leaped from already a high profile status in the industry as rider and brand testimonial to entreprenuer. Core Power Asia was conceived as niche agency, and under his careful guidance and influence has developed into the go-to actionsports agency in China.

A Ji Lin city native who now lives in Beijing, Wang Lei earned his reputation during his professional sports career, and always keeps a high level activity through his incredible talent and skill. Wang Lei has become the most influential Chinese snowboarder and is known as the best rider in his native country.

Wang Lei dedicates himself to progressing snowboarding in China using his experience, talent, network and passion for extreme sports. He acts as trailblazer and mentor for up and coming riders and finds a calling in giving back with sharing his many years of experience and passing on the spirit of snowboarding.

His popularity with the media fuels the frequent exposure of snowboarding to various well-known media. Taking the next steps in his career, Wang Lei’s athletic development and professional transformation is an ongoing success story.

Besides other things, one of his focus area is to enable resorts to provide a great experience for first time snowboarders and beginners.

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